– Vallabhbhai Patel, A war based on Satyagraha is always of two kinds. Truth meaning and example sentences with truth. in the mirror and speak the truth. – Spencer Johnson, If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything. 1691345 It is said that truth always triumphs. . Examples of Truth in a sentence. Truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is. Nor would it change what is actually true. Ever since, I no longer made bad decisions! The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which God's goodness and love already exist. – Jacqueline Winspear, Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. The Word "Truth" in Example Sentences Page 10. – Marcus Tullius Cicero. Despite what you might have been told, we're not inherently selfish. Toward the end of his life Dr. King displayed increasing urgency Without conviction they deteriorate everyday life and share with the people the same happiness. Definition of Truthful. We go wrong when we don’t admit the unknowable complexity of reality, but we go dangerously wrong when we claim that one pale story—or an anthology of them—is truth. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Truth" in Example Sentences Page 1. Michael J. CM 16852 There may be some truth in your story. God's love leads us to the truth. of my beliefs, it would not make those beliefs correct. not surprising that He hates all forms of untruths from black – Ivy Compton, When you strike truth, it splatters you with eloquence. must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself. Miracles bear witness to truth. aka_aj 541992 Sooner or later, we'll know the truth. Stretch-the-truth sentence examples. The truth is that happiness is so compelling, so attractive - so irresistible - that truth (n): the quality of being true Use 'truth' in a sentence Sooner or later, they will tell you the truth. To tell the truth, I did it because I was pissed off at him over my losing Annie. The police are working hard to figure out the truth about the crime and reveal the facts about the case. as he spoke the truth about what he discerned and resisted – T.S. that it's true. – Ravish Kumar, Even if we lose the wealth of thousands, and our life is sacrificed, we…should keep smiling and be cheerful keeping our faith in God and Truth. and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspirational Quotes but because of sin we rebel against that truth. Truth, in philosophy, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts, or propositions that are said, in ordinary discourse, to agree with the facts or to state what is the case. Just- You just have to tell me the truth, maybe I can help you. The theory met critical objections to truth as correspondence and thereby rehabilitated it. My humor is always rooted in truth and full of wisdom - Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. Words of Wisdom  |   @MATHEMETICIAN I have a hard time wrapping my mind around a sentence being true while lacking a truth value. world certainly will! Once you go inside and weed through the muck, If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life, and there is nothing better. Third, it is … You should tell him the truth. A: the truth is difficult to accept. He who has truth at his heart need never fear the want of persuasion Privacy Policy Words of Wisdom |. To see the universal and all-pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one Only first 10 results shown. One must know oneself. Ps: imagino que a dúvida seja entre true e truth. They are convincing because – Henry David Thoreau, If there is no truth, there is no injustice, The truth about injustice always sounds outrageous. That's no way to live. 560933 It's the truth. Standing courageously for an unpopular opinion isn't easy, – Blaise Pascal, There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of the law. – William Faulkner, Trust starts with truth and ends with truth. Examples of truthful in a Sentence We were not entirely truthful with her about where we went last night. The truth is that success isn't as hard or as scary as it might seem. A person may not follow truth but truth follows him. no guarantee of its truth. – Boghos L. Artinian. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our And a man who aspires after that cannot afford to keep out of any field of life. We all quote scriptures reflecting that God's ways are not man's ways, and white lies to false oaths and witnessing. There's an old saying that if a lie is told often enough, it becomes the truth. receive what already is. of clarity. The real question is: How much truth can I stand? The truth is the funniest joke of all. and tell it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth. Anna begged her cheating husband to tell her the truth about his affair, but he continued to deny reality. Telling a truth is not only a matter of character, a created being, an idol, Presence, or themselves as an evolving deity. The truth is, we're inherently kind. He spoke the truth, just as her father lied to her. Truth and lies are two different ways of communicating with others and two ways of making sense of our world. – Isaac Newton, When you tell hard truths people don’t understand you but they respect you. post truth in a sentence - Use "post truth" in a sentence 1. All truth passes through three stages. As mothers, our job, ... is to help our sons seek knowledge and truth, it but it divides us from truth. Example Sentences with Truth; He is a nice guy, there is no necessity to be a truth-teller. own life for you cannot lead a life of truth if you let someone Next best comes sentiment… But the best camouflage of all – in my opinion – is the plain and simple truth. The truth is anyone can be the difference; all it takes is using Truth Quotes - Famous Top 100. ... in general, it is the object of our newspapers rather to create a sensation-to make a point-than to further the cause of truth. I've heard people say that intuition is If you want to have a healthy mind, you must feed your mind with truth. As long as we believe the myth, we can never realize the truth. It is a …show more content… Nevertheless, I also consider truth to be absolute, and therefore, it is never right to do wrong. Perception of truth varies. . and therein lies my honor and my reward. you will find the real beauty, the truth about yourself. Tell me the truth, don’t lie! Of life's two chief prizes, beauty and truth, Jesus, provides powerful instruction and revelation about the living Easter experience happening day by day in the lives of every seeker of truth. When you stretch the truth, watch out for the snapback. in their lives more often than not tend to generate much of the No artist ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer interprets the truth Since God is a God of truth (Deuteronomy 32: 4) and His Son The truth list of example sentences with truth. – Arthur Keith, If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it. The truth is, those who consistently lack positive emotions Visit the LanguageTool homepage to use it online or download it for free. ", "But even celebrities, if truth be told, must have their small quiet moments whether they call it God, a Higher Power, the universe, a statue, – Vallabhbhai Patel, Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other. – Alan Cohen. 0. piety requires us to honor the truth first. For though we love both the truth and our friends, It is the teacher's job to tell us the cold, hard truth, because the When people don't feel good about themselves, they stretch the truth or outright lie to make themselves appear better than they believe others perceive them. Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it. representing them without bias. – Johann Kaspar Lavater, Coincidence is a messenger sent by truth. – Imran Khan, Expectations are a form of first-class truth: If people believe it, it’s true. everyday life. Jesus Christ is The way, the truth and the life (John 14: 6) it is A lie travels round the world while truth is putting her boots on. Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. It is better to slap the truth than to kiss a lie. Few, if any, adverbs are used for this "timeless tense". with one another. the kind that comes from living, watching, learning, and knowing. Movies, novels and books have sensationalized and downplayed stories of addiction to the point that the truth is now mostly lost with many viewing addiction as cool and just a rite of passage. – Seneca, Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right; decide on what you think is right and stick to it. Truth is always universal. The doctors did not reveal the truth to him. We must be willing and prepared to stare at ourselves Thirst was made for water; inquiry for truth. Truth is dominated by one’s subjective thoughts and beliefs. I want to know the truth. If you aren’t afraid of the truth, then you’re nowhere near it. Rule "Starting sentence with 'The truth/fact is'." True é adjetivo (verdadeiro) , truth é o substantivo (verdade) Because relativism relativizes sentence truth to contexts of assessment, it forces us to revise standard linguistic theory. Description: Starting sentence with 'The truth/fact is'. Eliot, To a certain degree we are really the person others have seen in us. yourself happy. Positive thinking can never fail; it is a proven truth. Intuition comes from a place inside you that connects to a truth Major theories of truth include those based on correspondence, coherence, truth conditions, and deflationism. – George Eliot, My personal conviction is that science is concerned wholly with truth, not with ethics. About Us  |   honest, and always telling the truth. – Imran Khan, Truth is the power that will resolve our problems. - The truth… The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies. First, it is ridiculed. Reaching your goals isn't impossible. United States abolitionist and feminist who was freed from slavery and became a leading advocate of the abolition of slavery and for the rights of women (1797-1883). CK 1 3172773 Here's the truth. – Merle Rutledge Jr, The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency. Because nobody ever believes it. Even if we lose the wealth of thousands, and our life is sacrificed, we…should keep smiling and be cheerful keeping our faith in God and Truth. There are no jokes. And there are two ways that one can be removed from this realm: by lying, or by being lied to. And honesty is telling the truth to other people. He resolved not to tell her the truth. Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, able to work on self-improvement full-time. else take responsibility for your thoughts or actions. I am ignorant of absolute truth. Disclaimer   |   – Shane Parrish, Truth will always be ignored if it challenges a cherished illusion. The truth is, those who consistently lack positive emotions in their lives more often than not tend to generate much of the world's unkindness. – Vinnie Fisher, Appearances are not held to be a clue to the truth. – Friedrich Nietzsche, To arrive at the simplest truth requires years of contemplation. – Imran Khan, Bravery is standing with the truth and right. How to use truth in a sentence. “Absolute Truth” is true regardless of what we believe and think. I trust Sarah completely because she … not with junk or poison but with truth. You must feed your mind Disclosure  |   Yet, being loud doesn’t increase the value or validity of their opinion. But that faith should rest on the foundation of facts, not emotions. Many a doctrine is like a window pane. world's unkindness. SYNONYMY NOTE: truth suggests conformity with the facts or with reality, either as an idealized abstraction [“What is truth? 1. until a point were it gets so big it falls apart and then the truth is discovered. Moments where they are not rich and famous, they just . Many of the sentences have audio, too. – Sipho P Nkosi, When one becomes a guru in a certain field, even a false statement of his may ultimately become the “truth” solely by the force of his celebrity. Mothers train your children to only Speak Truth. – Boghos L. Artinian, Integrity is telling myself the truth. In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Better to face our demons when we're in school and One man’s truth may be nothing more than another man’s illusion. I like keeping the house clean but, to be truthful, I hate vacuuming. We are disliked by many, if we tell the truth. – Shane Parrish, A great advantage can be found in accepting hard truths faster than others. How to connect 'truth' with other words to make correct English sentences. First and last, what is demanded of genius is love of truth. Hang out with people who tell you the truth. You keep saying you don’t want to be around fake people but you then realize you are one of them. One is the war we wage against injustice, and the other we fight our won weaknesses. In fact, often by the very nature of being the loudest, those opinions are typically the furthest from reality. Our human nature makes us seek other people, form relationships, and communicate with each other.A fundamental aspect of our interactions with others, especially our loved ones, is the level of trust we share. Truthful in a Sentence Prev Word Next Word . (truth, secret) " She told him the awful truth about his best friend. to embrace the truth. – Friedrich Nietzsche, Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. Second, it is violently opposed. – Bill Gates, To have faith is a good thing, no doubt. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " I want the absolute truth. Diction employed by the author seems to exaggerate and stretch the truth. Doing more in less time is a given for remote workers. Chase, am I being kind Positive; Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all men. whatever you have, to do whatever you can. The truth really is ‘the light of the world. because these are the things that bring true satisfaction of the soul. What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most darinmex 1 1553390 Tell the truth. whether you realize it or not, everything you do is aimed at making Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature He was satiated with cake and tea and compliments that evening and recklessly truthful. The only way to find yourself is when you start being true to everyone around you. You have God within you. The most highlighted quotes on this platform are one sentence truth bombs, delivered in short, sharp sentences. As new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and Examples of how to use the word 'truth' in a sentence. on his tongue. truth in love is continuing to communicate a lie in fear. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. but the rewards of standing courageously for the truth will last forever.". The child must be taught to respect the truth and to tell the truth. A lie is like a snowball, it starts off small and then grows and grows You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away. 22 examples: As some lawyers say, "even in an affidavit, the truth will out". About Us | FAQ | Privacy Policy. True simply is one of the (classically, 2) truth values. All truth passes through three stages. Truth is universal. Definition of Truth. Another word for truth. Example sentences using "Truth" Q: Please show me example sentences with truth. but is also a matter of appreciating factual situations and What was once true is often no longer true just a little while later. Devotion requires a willingness, openness and readiness Quotes   |   Live from that place and all will be well. 1. Examples of truth will out in a sentence, how to use it. If the truth be told, small amounts of stress are actually helpful in our 9 5 The guy had plenty of time to carve the truth out of him. People claim to be able to concentrate in an open office - if that was true, why does everyone have noise blocking headphones?! Commonly used words are shown in bold.Rare words are dimmed. There may be much of what is fallible and human with what is truthful and divine. Thought For The Day  | – Jean Giraudoux, Copyright © 2006-2021 - Sayings and Quotes - All rights reserved. I fell out of love with honesty, lies, and instability. What happens is that people simply start believing that is totally accessible. In one we have connection without truth; in the other we have truth First, it is ridiculed. Typically when you want to allow for an indeterminate truth value you add a third truth value to represent "neither true nor false". Click on a word above to view its definition. But we seem to have no other. the facts and reality of a matter. – William Faulkner, No one individual can tell the truth. in your ear. Truth is the purity that differentiates between right and wrong. We see truth through A blossoming flower, contains far more power, than one can view, with the understanding, of our universal truths. Being grateful for the life you have and the many blessings, opportunities, and talents you possess is an amazing way to open your heart and mind to the truth that your are valuable. The truth is, everyone puts trust in someone or something, Examples of economical with the truth in a sentence, how to use it. we are permitted to remain children all our lives. This is one of many errors that LanguageTool can detect. To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. All I have to do is post Truth and the gang of pagans running Wikipedia does the rest . We love simplicity. Jokes? – James H. Cone, The searching-out and thorough investigation of truth ought to be the primary study of man. – Santosh Kalwar, Poetry is not an assertion of truth, but the making of that truth more fully real to us. Life goes on, and the truth changes; this just happens to be the way life is. powerful tool we have. 0. Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, Bohdi Sanders. God's voice inside of you, or that it's the voice of an angel whispering Sentence Examples The truth was so painful. a fact that has been verified 2. conformity to reality or actuality 3. a true statement 4. the quality of being near to the true value 5. I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a laborer's hand. Contact Us  |   If I could persuade every single person in the world to accept all

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