Ideal for pots or in the garden. From small beginnings, Hadstock Farm now cultivates over 50-60 acres of spring bulbs and flowers – making Hadstock Farm one of the largest daffodil and tulip growers in New Zealand. We hope that you enjoy our website and more importantly look forward to seeing you at our friendly family run Farm Shop. This pulls much needed oxygen from the atmosphere into the soil. Bulbs for the sun: Anemones, Crocus, Hyacinth, Lachenalia, Scilla, and Tulips. Jan is our all year round caretaker of the various daffodil growing areas. However being underwater for a length of time will certainly see the demise of many varieties. Dig deeply – daffodil roots require depth to feed adequately. They will also be able to provide advice on where to purchase good bulbs. Taniwha Daffodils is CLOSED for 2020. We do have larger quantities available - just ask. IN THE GROUND. This has been a very difficult decision and we are very sorry for any disappointment it causes. are available in March/April. Copyright © 2021 The National Daffodil Society of New Zealand. Most suppliers fill their orders in February. New Zealanders are fortunate that daffodils can be grown successfully in almost all of the country. In most parts of New Zealand this coincides with Easter – what a good time to plant the harbingers of Spring! Welcome to Clandon Daffodils A family run business growing over 1 million daffodil bulbs on 21 acres in Gordonton, North of Hamilton. Cutting off foliage is the second major reason for reduced flower numbers. Keep the watering going for two-three weeks after flowering. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to announce that the Daffodils will be closed for 2020. Please email me if you require high-res images. From small beginnings Hadstock Farm now cultivates over 50-60 acres of spring bulbs and flowers - making Hadstock Farm one of the largest daffodil and tulip growers in New Zealand. Generally many daffodils can cope with wet conditions so long as this is a temporary situation and the waterlogged soil doesn’t freeze. All Daffodils; … Too much of the latter can result in fungus attacks. We would encourage people to attend their local daffodil show where many different varieties of daffodils will be displayed. Highly fragrant, soft blue flowers, with slightly paler edging. A side dressing of sulphate of potash is recommended twice during the growing season – June and October are the appropriate months. More technical and detailed information is available from the NDSNZ for those interested in growing daffodils competitively. Go to our NURSERY SHOP for a choice and changing selection of other bulbs, perennials, shrubs, trees, NZ natives, tools and some locally crafted gifts COVID-19 Level 1 The nursery here on site is open to the public during Level 1. "It was the only one of all the Moonshadows I grow that was perfect enough to pick," Mrs McQuarrie said. We grow a large variety of flowers complemented by product from some of New Zealand's best growers. Work in sand/pumice if drainage is poor. Our daffodil bulbs are now potted. This will give you the chance to select flowers which appeal to you. All rights reserved. Scamps Daffodils sells Spring flowering bulbs worldwide; Daffodil, Tulip, Crocus and many other flowering varieties available. Organic gardeners may wish to use wood ash as an alternative. In the Beginning.. New Zealanders are fortunate that daffodils can be grown successfully in almost all of the country. Click here for detailed Information about growing daffodils in containers. The World Daffodil Convention winning bloom, Moonshadow, was a British bloom, which attracted the judges' attention because of its large size and beautiful form, convention convener Trevor Rollinson said. Relisting once they're coming through the mix. Please find attached low res images of daffodils. Hadstock Farm has been in the Chamberlain family since 1878. Welcome to our web site. Good drainage is the paramount soil requirement. A minimum of eighteen inches is recommended. Sitting high on 40-60 cm stems they make a great cut flower, or when planted in bold clusters in the garden have a striking effect. If you do lift your bulbs clean them off carefully and store in a cool, airy space. Our Waikato commercial daffodil farm supplies cut flowers and daffodil bulbs locally and throughout NZ Shop open July to early October … 07826 067175; call: 0 Items. RHS Gold medal award winners for over 25 years. We grow using organic techiques, crossed with IPM knowledge for the freshest, sustainably grown produce around. Testimony to this can still be seen in plantings of daffodils still surviving around old home sites long abandoned all over New Zealand. New Zealand Natives Climbers Bulbs and Perennials Flowering Annuals Garden Care Caring For Your Garden ... Main spring flowering bulbs – early cheer, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, bluebells freesia etc. Growing Daffodil’s is easy, generally all they need is a good, fertile, free-draining soil and plenty of sun. Visit Cancer Society NZ Website ... Michelle and Jayne visited some of our growers daffodil fields in Motueka and Riwaka yesterday with Jan Riley, who has been involved in organising Daffodil Day in the Motueka region for 31 years this August! On this web site, under Bulb Sources, is a list of recommended suppliers of specialist bulbs. If you're ready for more detailed things 'daffodil' please click on the Daffodil Info tab above. Commercial Daffodil Growing. And perhaps you may even bring a flower or two to exhibit at their shows – take care though, Yellow Fever is very contagious! The only exception is the Far North where special steps need to be taken. “Some of them bring more than 100 blooms — all sizes, and colours. Please find below a media release from the New Zealand Flower Growers Association. Of course the best form of watering is rain! They provide a dazzling display telling us “Spring is here”. Garden Clubs Guide Line Constitution; CHS Garden Register; Awards & Scholarships. Many people are wondering if the wet weather will have a detrimental effect on their daffodils? More than 40 daffodil growers from the North and South islands are carefully transporting their daffodils so they are in pristine condition for judging. You can purchase our fabulous daffodils online from the Bulb Shopping page. Daffodils are the very essence of Spring. For Canterbury growers we invite you to join the Canterbury Daffodil Circle. Flowers up to 15-25cm tall. You will find that daffodil growers are only too pleased to share their expertise with you, so don’t hesitate to ask! Daffodil . “We are looking forward to seeing all the varying types of daffodil from around the country. You will find that daff people are very friendly and good at socializing! Northern Ireland has a long line of world-renowned daffodil growers and Nial Watson is certainly no exception. We know that for many a visit to the Daffodils is a much-anticipated spring highlight. New Zealand Alpine Garden Society; Canterbury Begonia Society Inc. Canterbury HERB Society; New Zealand Lily Society; Canterbury Orchid Society; Affiliates Contacts & Telephone No; Garden Clubs. Its perfume is truly unbeatable. To avoid the bulbs rotting over winter you need to find a relatively free draining spot in full sun. Hadstock Farm is situated just 20 minutes’ drive from Christchurch on the fertile soils alongside the Selwyn River in the heart of Canterbury. Whether you're a garden centre, landscaper, council parks department, or other large bulb planter, we have what you need. Catalogues are usually available in August – September and orders should be placed before February. NEVER cut the foliage off (or even tie it in knots) – wait for it to die down naturally. Some of the best known naturalized daffodil plantings (eg Middle Run in the Wairarapa) are grazed in the off season so receive natural fertilization. The daffodil has held a special place in the hearts of New Zealand gardeners from the first European settlements. Posted on March 1, 2014 by Editor. Even there, though, daffodils can be grown – there is, for example, a very successful commercial nursery at Kerikeri which produces good flowers. Plant bulbs deeper in light soils than in heavy soils. Explore our grounds and facilities, perfect for any ceremony or celebration.. Open for the month of September, proceeds go to Plunket…, Learn more about how Taniwha was established…,, Easy to grow they flower year after year with those famous yellow trumpets that everyone can recognize. Check the formulation of these mixes – the best are high on potash and low on nitrogen. If you spray other crops (eg roses, tomatoes) with a fungicide, do so for your daffodils as well. Choose a well-drained site for your Daffodil’s as they loathe wet feet. If this does not occur naturally then it is recommended that water be supplied via overhead sprinklers. TOM LEE/NZ GARDENER/Stuff There is a dizzying array of daffodil varieties grown at Clandon Daffodils, and some exist nowhere else in the world. Hadstock Farm is situated just a 20 minutes drive from Christchurch on the fertile soils alongside the Selwyn River in the heart of Canterbury. Top growers take soil tests and fertilise accordingly. We value all ADS members ranging from beginners to members who are internationally recognized growers … OUR PRODUCT. Onion sacks are recommended for storage, not too many bulbs to a bag – like you they need to breathe and not sweat. … We aim to promote the whole of the genus Narcissus, the botanical name for our favourite flower. In areas where drainage is a problem it's worth planting in mounds and taking a bit of time to try and improve the soil structure before planting. They have been breeding daffodils for 24 years, building what was originally a family horticulture hobby into a successful South Canterbury business with a worldwide reputation, supplying bulbs to daffodil growers throughout the country. Ron Scamp Quality Daffodils of Cornwall. With new product being picked and arriving daily, it’s always fresh. Flowers in Mid Spring and thrives in full sun or part shade. Even there, though, daffodils can be grown – there is, for example, a very successful commercial nursery at … The following notes are aimed at the home gardener. CHS Daffodil Circle; Affiliated Groups. Our European Community Quality Plant Passport Number is GROWING INFO. When you buy from us your flowers will last. The natural food for the daffodil is its foliage – healthy strong foliage equals good bulb and good flowers in subsequent years. We recommend that you join a local daffodil club and join the NDSNZ. Anemones, Allium, Brodiaea, Freesia, Hyacinth, Ranunculus, Iris, Lachenalia, Sparaxis, and Daffodils. Lack of feeding is the most frequent explanation for daffodils failing to flower. Welcome To Esker Farm Daffodils Excellent daffodil bulbs tended to and grown in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland All our bulbs can come supplied with a Phyto-sanitary certificate issued by DAERA, if required. Space the bulbs about ten centimetres apart or further if you intend to leave them in the ground for longer than four years. Choose a well drained, sunny spot. We grow and sell a wide range of flowers & foliage. Ideally daffodils should be lifted every three to four years. They will appreciate this treatment and will respond with lovely flowers next season. Daffodils galore from east and west and New Zealand were staged, judged and admired and on the final day a large gathering attended the grower's meeting to witness the formation of Australia's national body. Although Gordon loves the flowers, he enjoys the people even more. Daffodil Hill Growers focuses on growing a wide variety of vegetables for our CSA and we also sell at 3 farmers markets, Newtown, Southbury and Bethel. In our website, enjoy the beautiful photos, search for a local daffodil society, check out the calendar of events. Elsewhere in New Zealand there is a naturally good environment for bulbs – of course this can be enhanced by good gardening practice which is outlined below. 17(2) Derrick Rooney says that Van Sion’s double daffodil was first described in 1629 in his book Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris by prominent apothecary and botanist of the day, John Parkinson (1567–1650). Within this site you will find information about growing and caring for daffodils as well as our organisation and activities. Thank you for visiting our site. Mix bulb fertilizer into the soil. In his article Daffodils from the past in the New Zealand Garden Journal, 2014, Vol. We are excited to announce we have nearly 50 Stalls Confirmed for the first ever Taniwha Boutique Spring Market! Soil Preparation. HOME; ABOUT US; ADVICE / CULTURE NOTES; CLASSIFICATIONS; SOCIETIES & LINKS; NEWS; CONTACT US; Select Page . The only exception is the Far North where special steps need to be taken. Most of those listed welcome visitors to their nurseries so that is another way of deciding what to buy. This friendly group of daffodil enthusiasts will give advice and encouragement in the growing and breeding of spring’s favourite flower. The American Daffodil Society (ADS) is the United State's Center for Daffodil information. Late spring flowering bulbs such as Lilliums, Calla lilies, are available in July/August. We have the largest selection of bulbs available wholesale in New Zealand. MARTIN DE RUYTER/ Marie Hunter and John Hunter with daffodils growing at their Hope property. John Hunter showed his first daffodil at … Plant the bulbs so that their top is at least two times as deep as the bulb is high (top of a 6cm bulbs is twelve centimetres deep). From small beginnings, Hadstock Farm now cultivates over 50-60 acres of spring flowers and bulbs, making Hadstock Farm one of the largest daffodil and tulip growers in New Zealand. The special steps include introducing loamy soil to enhance the naturally sandy soil, to water frequently, and to plant in cool, shady spots. Grampian Growers is unique in operating a Scottish High Health Narcissus Certification Scheme (managed by the Scottish Government), in addition to the EU Plant Passport standards. Another key factor in growing daffodils is water. For this information, contact a Daffodil Club in your region for Society Publications. As noted above if you intend to leave them in the ground for a lengthy period of time give them plenty of room, and frequent feeding. We are proud to sell and fill our CSA distribution with produce grown exclusively by our family. People once came in droves to admire the thousands of dancing daffodils at Pleasant Valley Daffodil Farm, just outside Geraldine, but it will not be happening this spring. Plant the bulbs when the soil has cooled – many local newspapers give details of soil temperatures on the weather page – wait until the temperature drops to 15 – 17 degrees centigrade before planting. However for home gardeners adding a standard bulb fertilizer is adequate. Awards; Jeannie Dunlop Scholarship; P C Browne Scholarship; NEWS. Most daffodil growers believe that an average of one inch of rain per week during the growing season is the ideal. Plus we have a great selection of vases, giftware & floral supplies. The Daffodil Society, established in 1898 as the specialist society of Great Britain for all who are interested in the Genus Narcissus. Visit the shop. Hyacinths are very low maintenance and easy to grow, they can be left to naturalise. Gordon and Cindy Coombes are patient people. After this period of time they tend to clump up through vegetative reproduction and flowering quantity is reduced. From July to September, the daffodil bulb crop arrives at our packhouse from member farms, dried and graded ready for central packing. Welcome to The Daffodil Society. We grow daffodils for both cut flowers which we harvest from January through to April and then sell the dry bulbs which we start lifting from July onwards. They thrive in pots & containers too, so you have lots of options about where you can place and plant your bulbs. For more information or to pre-purchase tickets  please go to... Spring Fling Website:, To Purchase Tickets:, Enjoy a delicious light lunch and glass of wine or beer at our licensed Pop up Cafe "The Cook`s Kitchen".

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