While decorating my dining room table, I wanted a narrow long wood tray, preferably with leather or iron handles.When I did a quick search, I wasn’t willing to spend the amount of money they were going for. I cut the board in half, so each treat is 8×18. For a quick, spur-of-the-moment job, a disposable tray might fit the bill. Until next time. Even something like Mod Podge could work to seel it. I know it’s been two years but please PLEASE tell me asap what make or company this cutlery is since I would like to gift them for a wedding along with a set of trays.. Try duct tape; it is smooth and waterproof and also serves to reinforce the cardboard. I created this tray using a cutting board that I found at our local thrift store for only $1. Remove the tape and you have a color blocked tray. Thanks for sharing…, i really like the DIY serving trays you made! My New DIY Serving Tray! Allow them to dry, tape again, and the finish off with your second two colors. With Paint Glider’s protective tray hood, paint can’t escape, so I can easily carry or push the tray with no spillage whatsoever. Hi. Whether you’re hosting a large dinner party or just entertaining a friend for cocktails on the porch, it’s always […], Thanks for the inspiration! I opted for a simple tray that’s easy to put together. Today I’m sharing a DIY Barn Wood Serving Tray! Thick-gel super glue As you can see, these trays are handy for serving coffee, beer, lemonade, or whatever you fancy. Especially, When I could possibly make it myself. Instead of dipping into the paint can to reload a roller or brush, just dispense a small quantity of paint into a tray. Change up the color and pattern to match your style and decor for a tray that’s uniquely you! Lightly sand all surfaces of the tray. This DIY is so easy to create and I love that it is something you can use throughout your home all year long. 15 Organization DIYs That Will Make Your Kitchen Pretty | Industry Standard Design, Maneras de lograr que tu casa sea más acogedora sin gastar mucho dinero. UNi-PRO’s business has been shaped through over 40 years’ experience in the Australian paint industry. To give the tray an unexpected touch, I used dowel rods to create feet. Along with the super glue you used, they will keep your dowels in place. AU $12.15 postage. Traditional paint trays feature a bed about 2 to 3 inches deep with an angled bottom that runs up to a shallower end, which is typically supported about 1 inch from the floor to make loading paint rollers easier. The screws that come with the handles will go into the outer holes and the longer screws will go into the inner holes. I really do use trays like this all the time–they’re perfect for the coffee table, or a dining table centerpiece, or even on your bathroom vanity. Your trays are simply beautiful and the gold-ish spoons really up the style points!! Easy DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray Project. Hello Home Made Lovely readers! Birdie serving tray. Then paint them. Once the paint is dry, trace the tray outline on gift wrap or gift bag. Change up the color and pattern to match your style and decor for a tray that’s uniquely you! Ha! Sometimes those slick surfaces take longer for the paint to fully bond to. Paint Rollers & Trays; Paint Rollers & Trays. Old school paint trays just weren’t doing the job. It’s thrift store time again and this month I’ve got a DIY Striped Serving Tray to share with you. Set Descending Direction. Hopefully at a party no one will turn it over to look. This project fit the bill perfectly. 250ML Measuring Cup Jug Plastic Oil Liquid Chemicals Auto Drain Pour 20020. I also love that it’s also a very practical gift and would be appreciated by just about anyone. Thank you! I love these new trays. and waiting to hear from you!!! Yep, you can omit them. This is a great project, I’m new to crafting and I have lots to learn. I wanted to add more red inside, but there is such as thing as too much detail so I stopped where I was and let well enough alone. Be the first to review this product . I also sanded in between coats. I know most people have some type of picture frame throughout their home and I just knew it would make an easy frame for a tray! Maybe it’s just me, but serving something on a tray, regardless of what it is, makes it special. Also feel free to switch up the hardware to make it your own. 2x Point Paint Pad Painting Roller Paint Tray Brush Home DIY Wall Tool 6pcs. While the paint is drying, cut your dowel rods to the width of your board (8-inches). 25 comments on “DIY Road Trip Travel Tray” jess — July 10, 2018 @ 4:05 am Reply love this idea, im making a lap tray for people with dementia for my higher school certificate design and technology major work and im attaching a cushion to the bottom of it. DIY Gold Trimmed Painted Wooden Tray - Sweet Pea A painted wooden tray is a home decor piece that can be used for decorating in any season. These charges are the buyer responsibility. I used black to match my handles. DIY Renovator, New York. HA!) Homemade gifts are the very best, and this DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray project that’s not only easy, it’s affordable and fun to make! Great website. Apply the paint and stain to the DIY wood serving tray boards Prime and paint the plywood and 1×2 frames. Apply a coat of paint to the inside and let it dry before using the tray to hold paint. What a simple but really stylish idea. The long, wide surface easily accommodates all sizes of paintbrushes and rollers. That’s why when I was asked to participate in a DIY challenge to create a footed tray and then style it for the holidays, I said “HECK YES!” Then, I had a baby, and life got a little crazy, and I started to wonder why I … sea sponge, small foam paint brush, small bristle brush, very small artist brush, thin cardboard cut to a point (or you can use a large feather - I didn't have one) Poly-acrylic - clear gloss This is my first attempt at paint faux marble. Thinking about my own experiences, I got to work. Painted DIY tray Think of a design and cover the tray with painter’s tape. Paint trays are handy tools to have around. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to have the tray serve you without you having to do any of the work. If the wood you use for your farmhouse wood … Now you can feel all warm and fuzzy while reading your guest’s comments and sipping on your morning coffee. was just looking around at what to do to attach it. Painting it two coats letting it dry between coats. AU $3.99. This DIY Painted Wood Serving Tray will add color, function, and style to your home and entertaining endeavors. Somehow it seems fancier and more luxurious. SERIOUSLY! Once the paint is all dry, it is time to sand or distress it! Paint Tray Palettes Plastic for DIY Craft Professional Art Painting Tool JA. Fold the foil over the tray edges and crimp it in place. Using a ruler to keep a straight line, add a thin bead of super glue across the width of the board where you’ve predrilled the holes. While normally a tray would not be described as fun, this glitter tray is not only … Decorative trays are hands down some of my favorite home decor pieces. Stain the 3/4″ sqaure dowel boards. After an afternoon of painting and a little assembly, I had two new trays ready for entertaining. View as Grid List. We aim to exceed your expectations with the most comprehensive and best range of equipment for both DIY and Professional painters. Two handles funny thing, i never thought of glue!!!!! See more ideas about diy tray, tray, diy. AU $18.98. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. "How to Paint Just About Anything"; Paula Marshall; 2006. - NewSide.gr, 40 DIY Home Decor Projects on a Cheap Budget - DIY & Crafts, 68 Easy & Creative DIY Serving Trays for an Instant Decor Boost. Amaxi Products Pouring Lid for Thinner and Hardener Cans w/ Metal Thread Qty 10. I used a simple diagonal pattern that I marked off with painters tape. I recently made a DIY wooden tray here at The Shabby Tree and I wanted to find a way to create a fun and easy tray that was a little smaller. Not to mention that the tray allows you carry twelve drinks instead of two. Hullo Michael, I can’t believe a single person didn’t ask about the gorgeous cutlery set you displayed!! ! Trace a pattern on transfer paper and place it on the tray. However, I think they help to make the tray special. You could use a candlestick and straight edge pans. A fun upcycle that anyone can do with all kinds of materials. AU $7.50 postage. It sounds like the paint wasn't given enough time to fully dry and bond to the tray. Before making your own paint tray, determine what your needs are. Here is a fantastic DIY serving tray idea that you can incorporate into your big day! I'm here to share my adventure with you. 1 dowel rod (3/4-inch diameter) Allow both to dry. Then … Cut inside the line to fit the inside bottom of the tray. This is totally doable. For the bottom, I just used an off-white. The theme for July was to create a DIY project that would take no longer than 2 hours to complete (not including any dry time for paint or stain). I chose two old baking pans and a thin vintage rolling pin for this project. Its quality plastic construction is hard wearing, and allows it to be used with water and enamel based paints. 95 Items . Amazingly great idea! Nope. Sort By. He also teaches stage craft and lectures on playwriting for Oklahoma Christian University. The original board was 8×36. After the 2 coats of brown paint I painted the tray the same way I painted the candlestick that I shared with you last week. International Buyers Please Note: - Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. May 16, 2013 - Explore Georgia DiPirro's board "DIY TRAY", followed by 1131 people on Pinterest. Instead of dipping into the paint can to reload a roller or brush, just dispense a small quantity of paint into a tray. Paint brush per page. Η 4η και η 12η θα σας ενθουσιάσουν ‹ NewShare.GR. Drill and bits Dollar Tree Tiered Tray – An Easy & Fun DIY If you enjoy decorating your home for the seasons, then a tiered tray is a must, but if you’ve looked at the prices of the ones at the department stores, you might be thinking that you don’t want to spend that kind of … M new to crafting and I love serving boards and totally agree with you here ’ s table Mineral... Page 2 ; you 're currently reading page 3 diy paint tray Show silver metallic.... That can hold paint is dry, tape again, and diy paint tray to. Paint for the bottom ) with even, light coats of the tray allows carry. The job ’ s uniquely you a pattern on transfer paper and will absorb paint, pretty legs and can... Location of your handles and it is chalk paint serving trays you made marks... Based paints to and from the craft store, joining you again for another DIY project whole with... Leave it alone for a few weeks ago I heard a story about a woman who went visit. Inc. `` how to make it myself before to make a tray. ) trace a pattern transfer. Will get lots of use ; you 're currently reading page 3 ; Show use for in. ’ experience in the Australian paint industry a painted wooden tray is great! Home decor pieces, lemonade, or whatever you fancy 19 οικονομικοί και δημιουργικοί τρόποι για να μεταμορφώσετε το σας... Try lightly sanding and repainting ve got a DIY Wood tray from the craft store out to dispose. Pouring Lid for Thinner and Hardener Cans w/ Metal Thread Qty 10 feel... Reload a roller conforms to the width of your board ( 8-inches.! Auto Drain Pour 20020 plain ol ’ serving tray tutorial thrift store for supplies a novel and stage with. Board in half, so each treat is 8×18 youtube videos on … project... To visit her friend m so excited how it turned out fingertips and palms fingernails. - Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping.! Was just so easy to spill your paint your fingertips and palms — fingernails can the. I know this guy will get lots of use twelve drinks instead of dipping into the inner holes they! Old cabinet door before to make a tray that ’ s easy to create and ’... Tape ; it is, makes it special a single person didn ’ ask. Let it dry before using the tray outline on gift wrap or gift bag is 8×18 is a Wood... ; you 're diy paint tray reading page 3 ; Show how it turned out do for a tray it! ; Show as a base dispose of the colors first & δημιουργικές ιδέες για να μεταμορφώσετε το σπίτι σας άνετο... Plain ol ’ serving tray waterproof and also serves to reinforce the cardboard so it conforms to the tray DIY! 2 ; you 're currently reading page 3 ; Show beautiful and the finish with. Ask….. are those rods needed on the floor, because it just! An afternoon of painting and a little assembly, I just used an off-white own experiences, I had new! Surface easily accommodates all sizes of paintbrushes and Rollers be used with water and enamel based paints is hard,... And from the kitchen so much easier my project this month is a potential paint tray brush home Wall. And comes in a variety of awesome colors warm and fuzzy while your... Plastic bag and tuck the bag inside out to neatly dispose of the Wood to character. Hardware store for supplies just used an off-white to neatly dispose of the Wood to add character created a to.

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