Measurements, percentages, etc. When I put it together it came out really grainy. In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I redeem myself. It was so hard to get the log out of the mold. Soap Queen… I hope you give the recipe a try. Chia Seed Oil and 1 oz. Hi Tabitha! Just talking out loud here. Turn it into a bath oil, or regular lotion, anything? Sounds yummy! The consistency was on the money even though I heated everything. Love the recipe and have been reading the comments in search of answers to my questions. If so, will light sparkle be left visible on the skin? I love it and can't wait for my daughter to try it!!! I always love to see variations on this recipe. Hi I used honey and it was way too sticky. The actual INCI name for Tapioca Starch Powder is Polymethylsilsesquioxane. No need for double-walled jars but the lid liner is definitely nice to have because if the product ever melts, it's one more potential seal from melted oils all over your purse, car, couch etc…. I have a version of this I make that I have Apricot Kernel Oil and also Cocoa Butter. I want all of the natural goodness that shea butter provides. The combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid creates a mild fizzing reaction. Sometimes you need to play around with the recipe until you find the right amounts that work for you. Thank you! Hi Alison! Found at Simply Stacie . I too saw the “mix until you’re insane” version and then THIS! jars. I just need to make a little less than 4 jars. (2) I re-melted the butters again and added palm oil, and the soft butters. And what other sorts of things can be added to the recipe? It takes slightly longer to be absorberd into my skin but its perfect. I just made my batch of cream and mine is yellow and smells funny. Have fun with the recipe! Don’t want any little lumps. Sometimes if it isn’t whipped for long enough it’ll feel a little grainy. I’m still hoarding a … It's a definite crowd pleaser. Also was wondering if regular old liquid soap dye or a few drops food coloring could be used. Can I use 92 degree Coconut oil insted of 76 degree? The fragrance oil will keep the product oilier and softer so you don’t want more of that. So I heated the oils in the microwave, blended them and put it in the frige till it became solid again, then I whipped it, and girl it came out like butter, like cream cheese icing. . The best soap supplies on the internet are found at Bramble Berry. I’m getting ready to make this very shortly and wondering — I’ve seen it mentioned that the coconut oil and the shea butter are melted, the shea butter is not melted but the coconut is and that they are both melted and then whipped. I can’t wait for you to try it and let us know what you think =), Just wanted to share something with you. Can you help me with the amounts? Before we look at the different kinds of butters, let’s talk about what butters have in common. This has been great fun to discover. Any ideas on what I can do to save it or what I can add to it? I hope this helps! Can you use another oil instead of coconut? You are like a celebrity to me, so this is awesome and you made my day. December 13, 2012 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap. I used shea butter and aloe butter tuned out greate used cornstarch, to cut the oil. If this is for fun and hobby, disinfect well in between uses. January 9, 2014 Filed Under: Cold Process Soap. I am loving her Charcoal Facial bar right now. Bravo! You could use any other butter with the same consistency of Shea Butter so Mango Butter for example, would work great but Cocoa Butter would not (too hard and brittle). I hope that you were able to make it into something you really like. I do not have arrowroot, but I do have cornstarch for cooking…will that work, if I need it? Here is a link to how we’ve infused our oils: In general, I don’t recommend making substitutions for the dry and wet ingredients in this recipe. Is it possible to over mix? The refining process is what removes the odor and yellow color. Just a quick question about adding honey to this recipe. (double boiler method here.. NO coconut oils of any kind were used. The combination of these ingredients along with Shea Butter, Hemp Seed oil and Olive Oil make it an ideal bar for a conditioning cleanse. Good luck in your new business! I've come across a few that requires heating, cooling, etc., but thank goodness I kept searching and finding this on Anne-Marie's blog! I left the mixture out overnight completely uncovered and it seems that the nutty smell has faded some. It whipped up beautifully – looked just like meringue (I was so excited by the texture and feel of it)- but I found that overnight it went a bit hard. Adding 1 T of honey also adds to the humectant value, and doesn’t leave any stickiness. And, we’d love to see any pictures if you had any. It is still so oily. will there be a huge difference in my end product and also in the whipping time? Let me know if you come up with a new variation =). Finally, I know that MultiBase and in every vendor I’ve ever seen selling it, they’re using Germall Plus (a paraben based preservative). I … Coconut Oil 16 oz. Have you had this problem? I’ve altered my whipping, whipping less and whipping more (anywhere from 10-20 minutes).Any ideas on how to make the raw shea butter have the more whipped feel and how to make the graininess go away? good question, does it turn hard after a while! The new Fruity Fusion Fragrance Oil gives the bath truffles a fruity scent, which smells delicious combined from the chocolatey smell from the cocoa butter. I made this body butter about 2 months ago, but it appears to be separating now. Moisturizing Heel Butter DIY + Free Label, How to Make the Perfect Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable! I added just a 1/8 t Tapioca Powder and it wasn’t quite enough, so I’m off to try another one and play around with my Tapioca Powder some more! =). If you'd like to use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to Soap Queen. ), Wannabe Mad Scientist at work – (1) I melted 1-2 parts shea and mango butters. In soap, Shea Butter does not contribute to lather or hardness (so it’s basically a super luxe additive), and the recommended usage rate is typically 10% or less. What can I use to color shea butter or am I stuck with the white? Great job! Add 3 ounces of melted coconut oil to the mixing bowl. Thanks! Tapioca Powder is out of stock and I need something to use this week. Dec 19, 2018 - Explore carol Griffin's board "shea butter soap", followed by 401 people on Pinterest. If there is something, then we could just purchase the coconut oil and go from there. LOVE THIS. (2) perception of value – the double walled jars look bigger on the outside so the perception that customers are getting more product is there. Goat’s Milk Citrus Soap . We are making Natural Organic Shea & Cocoa Butter with Organic Coconut Oil Soap. Here is a simple and easy kit to get you started. haha, Lots of love from Melbourne, Australia, The jars are meant to hold 125ml each yet they only held 40g/ml of the whipped body butter. I just tried this recipe and it’s runny. I too, on my second try, have little tiny lumps in the batch I made today. Thank you for your quick reply. I have a few questions and really hope that you will be able to answer them. Thanks for the update. If you use tallow or cocoa butter, it will be harder than if you use shea or mango butter. Shea butter is obtainable from many sources but I’ve found the best are outlets and websites which also teach how to make shea butter soap. what would you call this? Coconut Shea Butter Soap. Click here to add everything you need for this project to your Bramble Berry shopping cart! Thanks so much for the response! I added a little Polysorbate 80 as someone suggested above, but it didn’t seem to make a huge difference. Thank you!! Yes, you could use the Lotions amount for Butters. All three options contain powerful and unique skin-loving antioxidants and vitamins. I have made several attempts at whipped shea butter in the past using the alternating-mixing-and-cooling method, and it always got harder after sitting. -Becky with Bramble Berry, Awww! Click Here to add everything you need to make spa bars to your Bramble Berry shopping cart! Does it matter if you're using refined or natural shea butter?If it does is there any prep to either of them? This Organic one I have is I believe just to soft and oily. How many 4 oz jars did this recipe fill? If you want to cut the greasy feeling, I would suggest Tapioca Powder (which is a modified tapioca starch). No I did not get my Non-Organic Shea Butter from Bramble Berry. I used shea butter, mango butter, grapesead oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil; this was melted and to that I added: silica powder, modified cornstarch and boron nitride. . Gave it out for birthday gifts every one loved it even some of my male friends used col water FO oil .ty. This recipe is so much easier. Thank you for your site and for all the education you offer. Thank you! You are fantastic! Here are a couple of other blog posts that deal with label soap and body products: How to Label Cold Process Soap:, Labeling Your Products : Lip Balm:, How to Label: Lotion: I love this recipe, but I also have a lot of Cocoa butter at home. I did regular coconut oil which seemed to help maintain the fluffiness longer than when I've used liquid oils in the past. There are quite a few out there. Hope this helps! Which is good for the soaps and lotions? I LOVE the smell of the Organic one so much more! We don’t sell unrefined shea butter but I would imagine that it would work the same in this recipe. Maybe start with a small batch and let me know how it works =). I prefer raw shea butter in soap. Tallow 16 oz. Add the melted shea butter to the olive and castor oil in the designated mixing bowl and stir to mix. I had to know… Could I have over whipped and that is causing it to be extra greasy? I’ve recently placed my 1st Bramble Berry order to try my hand at lotions. I've never used just plain cornstarch – just the modified tapioca powder for cosmetics (Tapioca Powder) but yes, dry up sounds like too much cornstarch. -Becky with Bramble Berry. I dream of going there one day! Vanilla Latte Lip Balm:, I’m now excited to give the new lip balm recipe a try (It will be my 1st lip balm!). It will be a different consistency but try: 14 oz Shea Butter I tried this tonight and found it to be more greasy than I expected. A little bit of this lovely butter goes a long way, and it’s great for dry skin and pregnant bellies alike. Aw, thanks so much! That’s probably why it was separating! You can also try whipping it a little longer to try to get that graininess to disappear. Whipped on med-high for about 4 minutes-that did it! glass bail jars. but solid when cold). Mix in any color you would like to add and stir by hand. I love shea butter and this recipie, but would like to color it. I think my Organic Shea Butter won’t work because it’s too soft. I made a 1/10th batch which made only about 1/2c total- perfect test batch. Ok, I just found out that it wasn’t because I had too little in the pot. If you are using the Silicone Loaf Mould, have a couple of single cavity moulds handy as there will be a little soap over. =). Like the oven’s purpose in CPOP, the crock pot in CPHP facilitates holding the temperature of the soap at or above 160 degrees, speeding up the saponification process. Whipped but made less volume also slightly grainy. It’s very nourishing and I absolutely adore the batch that I made, and I use it all the time! See more ideas about soap, home made soap, homemade soap recipes. Monica, This recipe doesn’t need Tapioca Powder or cornstarch, but if you find it to be a bit too greasy for your liking you can definitely add them. , Thank you Anne-Marie, team and readers for sharing your knowledge and recipes with the world! I love your mad scientist ways. Thank you so much for sharing this. 1.5 oz Shea Butter i am so glad you posted this and i know you are going to saudi and all but this detail has really been weighing on my mind. If you try the recipe with cornstarch just make sure you mix it in really well, but I don't find that you really need it. But you are right, unrefined shea butter acts as a masking agent – especially for those lower, sweeter notes. Going to try without heating it tomorrow and see how it comes out! Homemade Soap with Roses & Vanilla . These are just a small snapshot of what you can do with shea butter. I think I figured out that I need to slowly add the oil a little at a time and mix thoroughly between additions. Let them cool and harden. You are correct. Go with Cornstarch but sift it for sure! INFUSION PREP: Before you begin, infuse 1/4 cup Calendula Petals in an oil mixture of 3 oz. That's the main difference between a body butter and a lotion – the water content. It's such a similar consistency to Coconut that it should act the same way. The fragrance calculator on Brambleberry has one for lotions but not butters. Thanks for sharing =), I had so much fun with the whipped shea butter When you were using the extra virgin coconut oil, was it solid at room temperature or liquid? It is only because of the avocado butter? I would love a post on how your experience was there.. In that you use a lot of things as Tapioca Powder and Green tea extract. Soybean Oil – 3 months if refrigerated Soybean oil has a creamy, stable, and conditioning lather. Phenonip at .5% to 1% would be a good choice if you’re going to add a preservative. Then I tried it with raw/unrefined shea butter (yellowish/gray). HELP – any ideas are greatly appreciated! Soap Queen has a very interesting and impressive single oil lather test on her blog. I just whipped (heh) this up and I am in love. To scent the bars I used Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, and Red Brazilian Mandarin Essential Oils for a natural finish to this tiny spa in a bar of soap project. Click here to get everything you need to make this scrub! That said, I could be wrong. I wonder the life shelf for this one, since it doesn’t has any water? Cocoa butter is much firmer than mango, and is great for adding firmness to cold process soap. With St. Patrick’s Day a couple weeks away, I’ve been itching to make a rainbow-inspired project. I made a batch of whipped shea butter and, after a day, little 'pulp-like' nubbins are forming when I rub the butter together in my hands. Do you think Babassu oil would work as well as coconut? So far my favorite is the Energy blend. Can I fix this or do I need to start all over. Thanks so much for all you do for us out here TRY IT OURSELVES LAND!!!! As a small portion, like 10-15%, it’s a great body butter addition but as a whipped body butter on its own, it doesn’t do a great job. A small amount of glycerin makes the mixture slightly more moldable, and polysorbate 80 disperses the butters in the bath water. Hi Amy,Yes, melting the Shea butter without tempering it can result in crystals that feel like little bumps. ( Our base has not been re … Thanks! I have previously been using recipes that have different oil/butter ingredients along with the shea, and always had to heat up/cold water bath/whip several times to get it fluffy. I turned off my air conditioner, ran an errand and when I came back, I had NO clumps in my mixture! Thanks so much! This project is part of the Happy Feet Home Pedicure series. This rich and creamy Whipped Champagne Shea Butter helps protect skin from the harsh elements and restores moisture.

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